Having been out at the Royal Oak in Columbia Road to celebrate a friend’s birthday we arrived back at our flat last night just as the police were pulling up outside. Seems that a couple of crack heads had literally kicked two doors in to break into our flat and burgle us. Our neighbours upstairs had come home and disturbed them on their way in, fortunately there was no confrontation between them.

They took the usual sort of stuff – mainly electronic equipment Nikon digital SLR, Bose SoundDock and iPod, some jewellery and a few small items, rather randomly some of the wife’s perfumes – they would have got away with more if they hadn’t been disturbed. The wife doesn’t seem too upset by her stuff going missing – she’s pissed off about a bracelet that was a present from her mum and her new Marc Jacobs sunglasses – but we’re both somewhat annoyed about my missing MacBook. Fortunately, I had a lot of the stuff on it backed up on a hard drive that they left behind, but not my photos. Jane has nearly all of the wedding photos on her laptop and the wedding video is still on the camcorder (which they didn’t take) but I’ve probably lost a lot of our travel pics for good.

The police have caught one of the suspects, but he didn’t have the MacBook or the bracelet on him, just the Sounddock and iPod. We await a locksmith and hopefully news of the other missing items…

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