In my mind, today was exactly the sort of August day I’d imagined we’d be experiencing at home while between jobs. Back in March the plan was to go traveling for a few months ending up in Italy for the wedding then back to London in time for some gentle job searching while enjoying the glorious English summer. Ha.

Still, we managed to spend some time tidying up the garden and get out of the house and stop thinking about the insurance and lack of laptop for a few hours. Ival, the company appointed by our insurers have been shit so far. We notified the insurers (M&S) straight away on Tuesday night and then again first thing Wednesday morning – we also told them we wanted to replace the MacBook straight away. Have we heard from the specialist department at Ival yet? Have we f*@k.

Eventually we hassled M&S enough that they signed off on us going out and buying a new one – but they weren’t as helpful as they could have been. I have kept the receipts for the most expensive items but things like spare battery and SD cards for the camera (they were all in the camera bag) soon add up when you need to replace them. Be interesting to see how the insurers deal with it…

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