The Dodos @ ULU

Went to see San Francisco’s The Dodos last night at ULU. It was my first gig for a few weeks and I was really glad I’d made the effort. I’m still kicking myself for not making it along to Bon Iver last week.

This was my second time with the duo (actually a trio live) having caught them back in April when they played an instore at Amoeba Records in LA. Frontman Meric Long’s playing style flits between finger picking and aggressive strumming and twisted chords (often all in the same song) and takes in some non-standard tunings while Logan Kroeber’s locked in drumming holds the whole set together (I think he only stopped drumming once or twice in the whole set, linking each song together into an hour long suite). Their respective backgrounds in African ewe drumming and prog-metal clearly influences their approach, the whole becoming a kind of minimal-psychedelic take on folk with acoustic guitar, drums and percussion.

Check out their second album Visiter, one of this year’s best.

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