Music Industry Still Screwed

Drowned in sound have started a new series of industry articles from those in the know. The first is called ‘How To Get Tipped’ but would be more accurately titled ‘how the marketing department is killing new bands’. It’s a good article, but a little unfocused in what it’s actually against. Have a read, I’ll post some of my thoughts on this tomorrow

Warner Music Group have come in for some flack over the removal of YouTube videos that infringe their copyright. Admittedly, most of the flack is coming from unlikeable kids who don’t understand copyright but it is another case of the industry wading in and pissing off their potential customers without thinking about how they can use what they are doing to their advantage. NB:I don’t think kids need to understand copyright to be likable.

On a more positive note, I’m loving this from French Horn Rebellion.

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