MGMT + Virgin Mobile, ftw!


I really loved MGMT's Oracular Spectacular. I was fortunate to (legitimately) get an advance copy a few months before it came out when I was still working at Xfm and really hammered the album and the remixes for a long time. However, I've never bothered to see the band live as I heard early on that they were very poor live. Even when they supported Band Of Horses at KoKo I didn't bother leaving the pub early enough to see them as I didn't want them ruining my night (it was my birthday).

Still, I do really love Oracular Spectacular and would like the chance to make up my own mind about them. So when they announced a Sydney date I was tempted – but not willing to risk $67 and a bun fight online to try and secure tix for their only Australian date. Step forward Virgin Mobile who have sorted a second gig with tickets free if you pre-order a digital download of the new album for $16.99. Now that's a little bit more more than I'd normally like to pay for a digital download of an album (I'm still a physical product dinosaur) but throw in tickets to a gig and it suddenly seems like a bargain.

So well done to Virgin Mobile for sorting out a great offer for it's members – better than anything I ever had with Vodafone who I was with for five years. And here's to hoping the band don't suck!

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