Thought I saw a snake…

One of the things I love about Sydney is being only 20 minutes from the city centre but having plenty of wildlife on your doorstep (sometimes literally).

Saw this disappearing into the undergrowth in the garden on Friday and assumed it was a snake. Didn’t have my camera at the time so spent the next few days trying to get a snap. Unfortunately, it was always basking in a place where it saw me before I spotted it…

…here’s its head visible in the undergrowth. A herpetologist would be able to tell from this that it’s not actually a snake… 

…eventually caught a better glimpse of it and realised that it was a bit shorter than I’d assumed…and it had legs…



…so a perfectly harmless Eastern Blue Tongue lizard (the black stripe behind the eye was the giveaway)…


…this actually quite a large one, getting on for 50 cm I reckon…


…these bricks are 25cm each and it’s about the length of two so that would mean it’s at least two years old.  

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