Gareth Liddiard

A pretty amazing solo acoustic performance from The Drones frontman as a preview of the launch of LIVE tonight at Sydney Town Hall. This was one of Mess + Noise’s Lunchbox sessions as well as being part of Sydney Festival. GL is a funny guy judging by his between song banter, but that’s not something that you could say about his music (although there is some black humour in there). The songs are long and dark and tortured (a bit like his hair). Highlight for me was ‘Did She Scare All Your Friends Away’, a strong narrative that draws you in and holds your attention for its considerable duration. 

1 thought on “Gareth Liddiard

  1. Ell has been chosen to take part in a mentoring program down in Vic. She was asked to nominate who she’d like as a mentor – no surprise that this guy was on the list. sounds like a great event. I like that the fest is exploring what it means to be a performer like this

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