In the Pharmacy Cloudcast 3.1

So much great new music in the last two weeks I’ve split the cloudcast in two. Part one starts off very indie. Shoegaze, dreampop indie pop, new wave and retro-rock in the middle before ending on a quiet(ish) note. You might hear influences or be reminded of the following artists: My Bloody Valentine, Mazzy Star, The Lemonheads, New Order, Joy Division, Neil Young, Animal Collective and They Might Be Giants.

Whirr ‘Junebouvier’
Like My Bloody Valentine meets Sonic Youth. Shoegazing side project of the metal band Deafheaven. This actually came out on 7” back in September but passed me by. It’ll feature on the album ‘Pipe Dreams’ due out in March. [Whirr Tumblr]

Veronica Falls ‘My Heart Beats’
Lovely shuffling indiepop from London. This is their first new material since last year’s eponymous debut album. 7” single due in April. [Veronica Falls]

Beach Fossils ‘Lessons’
Indie rock from NYC, this hovers on the edge of Dream Pop and is the other side of the ‘Shallow’ 7” featured in the last cloudcast. Simple and a real grower. [Beach Fossils]

Hospitality ‘Eight Avenue’
Another artist featured in the last cloudcast, I make no apologies as the Hospitality album is my favourite album of the year so far. Just a bunch of really good, timeless indie pop songs. [Hospitality]

Frankie Rose ‘Interstellar’
A couple of Frankie Rose songs (‘Night Swim’ and ‘Know Me’) have missed out on previous cloudcasts as they just didn’t meet the bar set by similar tracks. This one, though, is a cut above. Almost like it was made by a different artist, this is the title track of her new album and ditches the pleasant indiepop stylings for something a bit more ambitious. [Frankie Rose]

Dana Buoy ‘Call To Be’
Sounds like They Might Be Giants meets Animal Collective. From his forthcoming debut album ‘Summer Bodies’. You can get this track as a free download in return for a Facebook ‘like’. [Dana Buoy]

Cloud Nothings ‘Fall In’
Taken from the Ohio indie rockers Albini produced third album ‘Attack on Memory’. Although the whole record is brilliant, I was torn between this track and ‘Stay Useless’. ‘Fall In’ won out because it reminded me of Ben Deilly-era Lemonheads. [Cloud Nothings]

Holograms ‘ABC City’
Swedish 21st Century new wave / punk. Love that retro keyboard sound. This from their debut 7”, out April 3 on Captured Tracks. [Holograms]

Horrid Red ‘Nothing In My Heart’
From Swedish new wave to German post-punk, clearly indebted to Joy Division and New Order. [Horrid Red]

Gap Dream ‘Scary Dennis’
Hypnotic 60s-indebted psych-pop from one Gabe Fulvimar out of Cleveland, Ohio. Taken from the eponymous debut album which features a cover of The Squires ‘Go Ahead’. [Gap Dream]

Chromatics ‘Into The Black’
Portland band. This is actually a cover of Neil Young’s My My, Hey Hey (Out of The Blue), rather than Hey Hey My My (Into the Black). But let’s not quibble. From their first album in five years, ‘Kill For Love’ (Italians Do It Better). [Chromatics]

Sharon Van Etten ‘Give Out’
Although there have been some brilliant tracks out this year, it’s only the last few weeks that have seen a handful of high quality albums released. SVE’s ‘Tramp’ (produced by Aaron Dessner of The National) is one such album. This has a wonderful lazy, hazy feel to it with guitars and percussion that recall Mazzy Star, but where Hope Sandoval’s delivery is spaced out, Van Etten brings an urgency that sounds positively wired. [Sharon Van Etten]

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