In The Pharmacy Cloudcast 20

The best 12 tracks from the last two weeks…

The Walkmen ‘Vermeer ’65’
After this year’s sublime album Heaven (tracks featured in ITP7, 8 and 9) The Walkmen return with a new 7” of two tracks not included on the album. ‘Vermeer ’65’ is the b-side and has a bit of a Tindersticks feel to it.
[The Walkmen]

Saturday Looks Good to Me ‘Sunglasses’
First new material in forever from the indiepop / soul project of Fred Thomas and what a charmer it is. Features new vocalist Carol Gray.
[Saturday Looks Good To Me]

The Mountain Goats ‘Harlem Roulette’
From Transcendental Youth, one of my favourite albums so far this year. Musically upbeat, this is a tale about the last days of Frankie Lymon who died of a heroin overdose in 1968 at the age of 25. It ends with the utterly devastating lines “Nothing in the shadow but the shadow hands / reaching out to sad, young frightened men / The loneliest people in the whole wide world are the ones you’re never going to see again”.
[The Mountain Goats] 

Alba Lua ‘When I’m Roaming Free’
French band with a lovely feel for almost psychedelic, classic pop
[Alba Lua]

Popstrangers ‘Heaven’
Psychedelic-tinged dreampop from New Zealand. Sounds like a less stoned Autolux.

Goat ‘Goathead’
Swedish psych rockers with an afro-beat flavour. Featuring some seriously wigged out guitar and a lovely pastoral coda.

Times New Viking ‘Sleep In’
Scrappy 90s influenced indie rock from the lo-fi Columbus, Ohio trio. From their new Over & Over EP.
[Times New Viking]

Mean Lady ‘Bop Bop’
Melting pot pop from Delaware three piece with hip hop and psychedelic infuences.
[Mean Lady]

Main Attraktionz ‘Cloud Body’
Cloud rap, like dreampop for hiphop.
[Main Attrakionz]

Holy Ghost! It Gets Dark
DFA affiliated synthpop from Brooklyn.
[Holy Ghost!]

Sam Willis ‘Foxglissandro’
Instrumental techno from forthcoming debut album Winterval.
[Sam Willis]

The Ramona Flowers ‘Dismantle and Rebuild (D/R/U/G/S Remix
Glitchy Bristol band have their debut EP track turned into an epic, euphoric slice of electronic house.
[The Ramona Flowers]

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