101 Medications – Best of 2012

In The Pharmacy’s top tracks of 2012

Six hours of music featuring some of the best songs from 2012. These are in order of what makes the best listening experience rather than ranked from first to one-hundred-and-first. Keen followers of the In The Pharmacy cloudcasts will find some tracks that weren’t amongst the 357 tracks featured this year. They may also note that while psych-rock, psych-pop, electronica, electronic pop, hip hop and all things retro still get a look in, this list tends more towards the indie rock end of things. I make no apologies for this, these were simply the best tracks of 2012, imho*. 

*It’s a Spotify playlist so a few of my favourites weren’t available (notably tracks from Lambchop, Ladyhawk, Kate Boy, Ceremony and Mungolian Jetset) but that just made it easier to get the list down to 101.

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