In The Pharmacy #37 – July 2013

The best 15 tracks from the last two weeks. Indie rock, electronic pop, dream pop, electronica etc.

Superchunk ‘Me & You & Jackie Mittoo’
After last year’s brilliant stand alone single ‘This Summer’, ‘FOH’, the first track from the band’s forthcoming tenth album I Hate Music couldn’t help but be a little disappointing. From the title on down, ‘Me & You & Jackie Mittoo’ is much more the thing. Almost a ‘This Summer’ part II, but gone is the youthful exuberance of making “a break for the bridge after raiding the fridge, pick up your friends in Baltimore” to be replaced by the more exasperated “cram into the back of the van, oh yeah! All of our friends with no plan, oh yeah!” while the former’s “tape full of hits”, has been replaced with one that presumably features the work of Skatalite’s keyboard legend, which seems to be the magic ingredient that takes the downbeat lyric (“I hate music, what is it worth? It can’t bring you back to this earth”) and turns it into something more joyous.

Fryars ‘Cool Like Me’
Already a five year veteran at 24, London producer Ben Garrett (featured back in October on ITP #19 with ‘A Love So Cold’) returns with more bedroom Daft Punk-ery.

Jonathan Rado ‘Hand In Mine’
Second track from the Foxygen man’s forthcoming solo album Law and Order (‘Faces’ was featured back on ITP#35). Here he duets with his gf Jackie Cohen, the excellent results are more Johnny and June than Lee and Nancy.
[Jonathan Rado] 

Obits ‘Taste The Diff’
Brooklyn superior post-grunge band signed to Sub Pop.

Woods ‘Be All Be Easy’
Originally appearing on the Brooklyn band’s 2011 album Sun and Shade as a lo-fi guitar number over an electronic hum, this more polished version finds Jeremy Earl’s vocals warmer, and the instrumentation filled out. Echoes of the early work of The Byrds and The Kinks circa ‘67.

Jackson and His Computerband ‘Vista’
French electronic dancefloor pop on Warp.
[Jackson and His Computerband]

Quasi ‘You Can Stay But You Got To Go’
Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss are celebrating 20 years of Quasi with this fuzzed up indie rock number from their forthcoming double album Mole City.

Ballet School ‘Heartbeat Overdrive’
This Berlin trio tick many of the tropes that have featured in In The Pharmacy faves of 2013: a little bit 80s electronic pop (à la Mozart’s Sister), hints of shoegazing / Liz Fraser-ish vocals (à la Empress Of), New Order / Cure inspired bass sound (Girls Names, Weekend, Brothers In Law etc.).
[Ballet School]

Radiator Hospital ‘Our Song’
Breathless indie rock from Philadelphia resident Sam Cook-Parrott.
[Radiator Hospital]

Chelsea Wolfe ‘The Warden’
Versatile Californian songstress last heard covering Rudimentary Peni returns with something more haunting and dream-like. A very 80s, 4AD feel .
[Chelsea Wolfe]

Holograms ‘Meditations’
Swedish punks keep moving in a more post-punk direction.

I Break Horses ‘Denial’
Swedish electronic dreampop.
[I Break Horses

Twin Peaks ‘Irene’
Young Chicago band whose ‘Stand In The Sand’ was featured back in May (ITP#32) return with a swooning melodic indie rock number.
[Twin Peaks

The Flag ‘Alpha 60 Punch Out’
Minimalist metallic post-punk proto-funk from New York.
[The Flag]

Rone featuring John Stanier ‘Pool’
French producer enlists Battles drummer for a groove centric take on instrumental post rock.

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