In The Pharmacy #39 – August 2013

Haim ‘The Wire’
While ‘Falling’ seemed to take its inspiration from 80s Fleetwood Mac, this one steps back a couple of year’s to borrow the drum pattern from The Eagles’ ‘Heartache Tonight’.

Chastity Belt ‘Black Sail’
Seattle-based all-female self proclaimed ‘Vagina Rock’ band (they have a song with the refrain “Pussy, weed, beer”). This song has a loose, srcatchy indie jangle to it. Check out this nine-minute (college project) mini-documentary to hear their more punk stuff.
[Chastity Belt]

Icona Pop ‘All Night’
Uber-pop from Stockholm duo, less hysterical and more catchy than previous monster smash ‘I Love It’.
[Icona Pop]

Arp ‘High-Heeled Clouds’
Following up June’s ‘More (Blues)’ (ITP #36) Alexis Georgopolous has more quirky pop that seems to nod towards the slightly whimsical art-school /music hall tradition (Blur / Macca / Roxy Music / Split Enz) and whimsical psychedelia of (Syd Barrett / Euros Childs).

La Luz ‘Big Big Blood’
Lo-fi indie rock with surf rock and 60s girl group influences from the Seattle band, previously featured with ‘Sure As Spring’ back in February on ITP#27.
[La Luz]

Sylvan Esso ‘Play It Right’
Electronic project from folk trio Mountain Man’s Amelia Meath and Megafaun bass player Nick Sanborn. This is one side of their double a-side debut release.
[Sylvan Esso]

Party Supplies ‘Beautiful Girl’
Catchy, sub-three-minute electronic dancepop track from Brooklyn ‘anachronistic rock’ duo that might appeal to fans of Friendly Fires and Her Space Holiday.
[Party Supplies]

The Blow ‘Make It Up’
Off-kilter electronic pop from long gestating second album by Portland duo of Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne.
[The Blow]

Born Gold ‘Hunger’
One in every six great songs from the last 12 months seems to be the work of a Canadian electronic artist taking their inspiration from some point in the 1980s. This one owes a little rhythmic debt to Some Great Reward-era Depeche Mode and more generally to the darker parts of The Knife’s back catalogue, but altogether has glossier pop ambitions.
[Born Gold]

Regal Degal ‘Unseen’
Lo-fi, fuzzy indie rock.
[Regal Degal]

MEN ‘All The Way Thru’
Not to be confused with the excellent punk / post-hardcore / indie rock types of Open Your Heart and New Moon fame. This is the electronic pop dance project of Le Tigre’s JD Sampson.

Bad Sports ‘Let Me In’
Garage punk from Denton, Ohio.
[Bad Sports]

Annie ‘Invisible’
The Pet Shop Boys do house music end of the irrepressible Scandi-pop phenomenon from Norwegian pop fixture.

Color War ‘Obelisk’
Brooklyn duo Billy J and Lindsay Mound describe their slightly gothic electronic music as “epic pop soundtracks from the desert of dreams”.
[Color War]

The Belle Game ‘River’
Vancouver lo-fi indie rock with a few judicious 60s influences and featuring the powerhouse vocals of frontwoman Andrea Lo.
[The Belle Game]

Fuzz ‘Loose Sutres’
Grunge rock in the classic style from yet another Ty Segal project

Julia Holter ‘Maxim’s I’
If, like me, you’ve enjoyed but not loved Julia Holter’s music in the past, maybe this is the one that will do it for you. It starts slowly and quietly,  but builds into something epic. A massive grower.
[Julia Holter]

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