In The Pharmacy #63 – September 2014

The 21 best songs from the last two weeks. New music from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Tracks from Interpol, The New Pornographers, The Magic Numbers, Royal Blood, Avi Buffalo, Blonde Redhead, Twerps, Ty Segall, Caribou, Steven J Adams, Babaganouj, Faded Paper Figures, Sinkane, Literature, Radiator Hospital, Wand. Sleeping Bag, Larkin Poe, Peaking Lights, Cold Specks.

Interpol ‘Everything Is Wrong’
Classic stuff from Interpol, taken from their forthcoming fifth album El Pintor, due out September 9 on Matador.

Benjamin Booker ‘Violent Shiver’
Garage blues musician from New Orleans with opening track from his eponymous debut album.
[Benjamin Booker]

Babaganouj ‘Buff’

Brisbane band featuring two former members of the sadly defunct Go Violets with super melodic indiepop follow up to March’s ‘Too Late For Love’ single.

The New Pornographers ‘Backstairs’
From the new album Brill Bruisers.
[The New Pornographers]

Faded Paper Figures ‘It’s Not The End of The World (Even As We Know It)’

This is how you pay homage to a famous song with something original (and some hints of Her Space Holiday). From the band’s excellent Relics album.
[Faded Paper Figures]

The Magic Numbers ‘Better Than Him’

If you ever had any love for this band but were disappointed with everything they’ve released since their debut, then you should give new album Alias a listen. NB: skip the title track and dive in from track two. This is one of many excellent tracks and features a couple of lyrical nods to Elvis Costello.
[The Magic Numbers]

Steven James Adams ‘Tears of Happiness’

The former Hofman / The Broken Family Band / Singing Adams frontman releases his first solo album under his own name on Monday. It’s been a long time coming but if this track is anything to go by, it’s been worth the wait.
[Steven James Adams]

Radiator Hospital ‘Fireworks’

Philadelphia-based indie rock charmers led by Sam Cook-Parrott with another track from their forthcoming second album Torch Song, due out next month on Salinas Records. This one features vocals from Maryn Jones.
[Radiator Hospital]

Sinkane ‘New Name’

Sinkane’s ‘Jeeper Creeper’ opened In The Pharmacy #1 way back in January 2012, now sometime Yeasayer member Ahmed Gallab returns with new album Mean Love.

Literature ‘Tie-Dye ‘(Your Life)’ 

Philly indiepoppers with one of the standout tracks from their Chorus album (out now on Slumberland).

Peaking Lights ‘Breakdown’

From new album Cosmic Logic, due out October 7 on Weird World.
[Peaking Lights]

Ty Segall ‘Tall Man, Skinny Lady’
From the prolific psych rocker’s new album Manipulator (Out now on Drag City).
[Ty Segall]

Larkin Poe ‘Stubborn Love’
Atlanta natives Rebecca and Megan Lovell have been making music as Larkin Poe for five years, but only released their debut album last week. Lovely stuff.
[Larkin Poe]

Twerps ‘Wait til You Smile’

Taken from their excellent new EP Underlay (out now Chapter Music / Merge).

Royal Blood ‘Better Strangers’
Closing track from the bass and drums band’s debut album.
[Royal Blood]

Cold Specks ‘Let Loose the Dogs’
From the Mute-signed “doom soul” Canadian artist’s Neuroplasticity album.
[Cold Specks]

Avi Buffalo ‘Think It’s Gonna Happen Again’
From new album At Best Cuckold, out now on Sub Pop.
[Avi Buffalo]

Sleeping Bag ‘MT Cup’

From the Bloomington Indi(e)ana band’s third album Deep Sleep
[Sleeping Bag]

Blonde Redhead ‘Penultimo’

The suitably titled last but one track on their forthcoming ninth album Barragán (due out September 1)
. Baroque dreampop.
[Blonde Redhead]

Wand ‘Clearer’
Thick, retro psych rock from LA band signed to Ty Segall’s God? imprint. Debut album Ganglion Reef out now.

Caribou ‘Our Love’
Title track from Dan Snaith’s forthcoming album, his first as Caribou since 2010’s Swim.

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