In The Pharmacy #65 – October 2014

The 27 Best tracks from the last few weeks. New music from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Iceland and Norway. Tracks from Ex Hex, Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Trust Fund, Wampire, Allo Darlin’, Cherry Glazer, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Ólöf Arnalds, Zeus, Girlpool, The Invisible Hands, The Rich Hands, The History of Apple Pie, King Tuff, Radical Dads, Failed Flowers, Foxygen, Augie March, Joanna Gruesome, Dream Police, Sondre Lerche, Death From Above 1979, My Brightest Diamond, Early Winters, Lydia Ainsworth. Field Report and Marianne Faithfull.

Ex Hex ‘How You Got That Girl’
Following on from ‘Don’t Wanna Lose’ and ‘Hot and Cold’, here’s more glammy power pop from Mary Timony’s new project. Taken from the debut album Rips, out now on Merge.
[Ex Hex]

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour ‘Navigator’
Good luck getting this pop/funk/disco number out of your head! Taken from the Danish duo’s third album Bring Us Together, out now.
[The Asteroids Galaxy Tour]

Trust Fund ‘Scared’
The work of Bristol based Ellis Jones, this is taken from the split EP with Joanna Gruesome.
[Trust Fund]

Wampire ‘Bad Attitude’
Taken from the retro-leaning Portland indie band’s second album, Bazaar (out this week on Polyvinyl).

Allo Darlin’ ‘Bright Eyes’
Minor key loveliness from the London-based, ex-pat Aussie fronted indiepop band’s forthcoming third album We Come From The Same Place (Fortuna Pop / Slumberland, Oct 7).
[Allo Darlin’]

Cherry Glazerr ‘Had Ten Dollaz’
Following on from this year’s debut album Haxel Princess, the young LA band led by Clementine Creevy release this excellent non-album single.
[Cherry Glazerr]

The Rural Alberta Advantage ‘Runners in the Night’
Following on from ‘This City’, another great track from Mended With Gold (out now, Paper Bag Records).
[The Rural Alberta Advantage]

Foxygen ‘Cosmc Vibrations’
Another great tune from the LA psych pop band’s forthcoming …and Star Power double album, out October 14 on Jagjaguwar.

Augie March ‘A Dog Starved’
Taken from the recently returned Aussie band’s comeback album, Havens Dumb.
[Augie March]

Ólöf Arnalds ‘Turtledove’
Icelandic singer songwriter with a track from her great new album Palme. This is her second album to include only English lyrics, but is also available in a Icelandic version through her Pledge Music campaign
[Ólöf Arnalds]

Failed Flowers ‘Talk About It’
Another track from the Ann Arbor, MI indie pop band’s Demos 2014 cassette.
[Failed Flowers]

Zeus ’27 is the New 17’
Arts & Crafts-signed band from Toronto with a track from their third album Classic Zeus.

Girlpool ‘Blah Blah Blah’
Another track from the LA garage duo’s eponymous EP, due a vinyl release now they are signed to Wichita.

The Invisible Hands ‘Slaughterhouse’
[The Invisible Hands]

The Rich Hands ‘Take Me Away’
Non-album single from the San Antonio garage band.
[The Rich Hands]

The History of Apple Pie ‘Tame’
From the UK indiepoppers second album ‘Feel Something’
[The History of Apple Pie]

King Tuff ‘Eyes of The Muse’

Another track from King Tuff’s Black Moon Spell album.
[King Tuff]

Radical Dads ‘In The Water’
Taken from the indie rock band’s Cassette Brain EP.
[Radical Dads]

Joanna Gruesome ‘Coffee Implosion’
Taken from the Split EP with Trust Fund.
[Joanna Gruesome]

Dream Police ‘Hypnotized
Mark Perro and Nick Chiericozzi of Brooklyn punks The Men with their spaced out psych/kraut side project. “a cloud of future primitive psychedelia bursting with glimmering electronics and cinematic, vibrato storytelling”. Taken from their debut album of the same name, available for pre-order via Sacred Bones.
[Dream Police]

Sondre Lerche ‘Bad Law’
Great opening track from the Norwegian singer-songwriter’s seventh(!) studio album Please (out now).
[Sondre Lerche]

Death From Above 1979 ‘Crystal Ball’
Another killer track from the band’s comeback album The Physical World.
[Death From Above 1979]

My Brightest Diamond ‘Lover Killer’
Taken from her fourth (and best) album This Is My Hand (out now).
[My Brightest Diamond]

Early Winters ‘A Thing For You’
Collaboration between the UK’s Carina Round and Canada’s Justin Rutledge, this is taken from their album Vanishing Act which came out earlier this year.
[Early Winters]

Lydia Ainsworth ‘Hologram’
Experimental pop with folk, classical and electronic flavours from the Canadian sometime soundtrack scorer. From her debut album Right From Real, out now on Arbutus.
[Lydia Ainsworth]

Field Report ‘Cups and Cups’
A track from the Milwaukee based band’s excellent second album Marigolden. Leader Christopher Porterfield was in a pre-Bon Iver band with Justin Vernon and you can hear that they share a similar aesthetic.
[Field Report]

Marianne Faithful ‘Late Victorian Holocaust’
Nick Cave penned track from Faithfull’s new album Give My Love to London.
[Marianne Faithful]

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