In The Pharmacy Cloudcast 14

Nearly a week late because of a) the Olympics; b) man flu; c) we got kittens (see pic); d) my new hi-fi equipment and vinyl arrived from the UK!

But it’s worth the wait: some great garage rock, new wave, and post-punk influenced tracks plus the return of: The XX, The Mountain Goats, Menomena and more from The Afghan Whigs, Stars, Tame Impala, Bat For Lashes. Comes with a no filler guarantee.

The XX ‘Angels’
A masterclass in minimalism on the first single from the London band’s second album, the forthcoming Coexist.
[The xx] 

The Afghan Whigs ‘Lovecrimes’
Rarely does a band excel at both songwriting and interpretation as completely as the ‘Whigs. Here they cover Frank Ocean  on what has become one of the many highlights of their reformation shows. FREE DOWNLOAD
[The Afghan Whigs]

Stars ‘Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It’
Second track to surface from the Montreal band’s forthcoming album ‘The North’. Euphoric 80s influenced pop with a typically engaging lyric from Torquil Campbell.

Fergus & Geronimo ‘No Parties’
Keyboard and bass driven new wave from Denton, TX. probably been listening to a bit of early Wire, XTC and LCD Soundsystem.

The Babies ‘Moonlight Mile’
Garage rock jangle on the Woodsist label featuring members of Vivian Girls and Woods).
[The Babies]

The Mountain Goats ‘Cry For Judas’
I’ve never checked out the early lo-fi Mountain Goats recordings of the 90s, having only been aware of John Darnielle since 2002’s ‘Tallahassee’ and only really jumped on board with 2009’s The Life of The World to Come. So rich is that last decade that it’s akin to diving into Dylan or Neil Young’s first decade of material – you need to set aside some serious time to get an appreciation for the depth and quality of the achievement. ‘Cry For Judas’ is the first taste of the forthcoming ‘Transcendental Youth album’ and acording to Darnielle “it is about survival but that’s kind of an oversimplification, it’s also about building a vehicle from the defeated pieces of the thing you survived and piloting that vehicle through the cosmos. FREE DOWNLOAD
[The Mountain Goats] 

Tame Impala ‘Elephant’
Suitably named thick thumper from psych-obsessed Western Australian’s second album Lonerism.

[Tame Impala]

Menomena ‘Heavy Is As Heavy Does’
This band passed me by until their third album, 2007’s tasty Friend and Foe. This is a mini-epic which finds them sounding not unlike Blur when Damon was at his most confessional and Graham was at his most noise obsessed.


Home Blitz ‘Frozen Track’
Lo-fi rock from New York. Sounds like Steven Malkmus meets the Pooh Sticks. You know how good that is.
Mode Moderne Foul Weather Fare
New Wave goth pop
Vancouver band with catchy new wave goth pop.

[Home Blitz]

Black Marble ‘A Great Design’
Brooklyn coldwave band with the first track to surface from their forthcoming  debut album ‘A Different Arrangement’.

[Black Marble]

Bat For Lashes ‘Laura’
If you’ve previously been unmoved by the undeniably interesting records of Natasha Kahn, this could be the one to turn you into a fan. A real step up in song writing and arrangement.

[Bat For Lashes]

Eddi Front ‘Gigantic
Don’t know much about Eddi Front – she’s New York based but gauche enough to retweet complements on Twitter (why, do people do that? it’s the equivalent of going “hey, everyone who already likes me, this person thinks I’m great”. You’d unfriend them in real life). This though, is gorgeous.

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