In The Pharmacy Cloudcast 15

Lots of indie and electronica with influences from krautrock, tropicalia, post punk, goth, baroque pop, psychedelia, punk and more.
A handful of artists more known for fronting bands have returned with solo or ‘other’ band tracks as good as anything from their more famous alma maters. Plus, the return of Dum Dum Girls and Animal Collective and more new tracks from forthcoming releases by Stars and The xx.

Eraas ‘Briar Path’
Gothy post-punk from Brooklyn.

The Corin Tucker Band ‘Neskowin’
The only good thing about Sleater-Kinney splitting up is we get two great bands instead of one, Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss in Wild Flag and Corin Tucker in The CTB. This is from the forthcoming second album Kill My Blues.
[The Corin Tucker Band]

Animal Collective ‘Today’s Supernatural’
For those of us who prefer the Avey Tare sung songs in Animal Collective to the somewhat whinier vocals of Panda Bear.
[Animal Collective] 

Jason Lytle ‘Dept. of Disappearances’
Charming, wistful but dark. This is good enough to be a Sophtware Slump-era song from the sometime Grandaddy frontman. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.
[Jason Lytle]

Stars ‘Backlines’
I’m very excited about the release of  the new Stars album The North and the prospect of the band coming to Australia for live dates. So far we’ve heard two tracks from the album (featured on In The Pharmacy cloudcasts #12 and #14) both featuring lead vocals from Torquil Campbell. This one puts Amy Millan front and centre.

The Sea and Cake ‘Harps’
Sparkling, glitchy dreampop from the veteran Chicago band.
[The Sea and Cake]

Moon Duo ‘Sleepwalker’
Hints of Krautrock and a poppier take on Suicide in this San Franciscan electropop project that features Wooden Shjips’ Erik Johnson.
[Moon Duo]

Deerhoof ‘The Trouble with Candyhands’
Tropicalia influences and a catchy melody find this San Franciscan band a long way from their noise origins.


Levek ‘French Lessons’
Another slice of 60s influenced slightly baroque psych-pop from Levek, whose ‘Black Mold Grow’ featured in ITP #11 back in June.

The Luyas ‘Fifty Fifty’
Lush 60s influenced pop from Canadian band who share personnel with Bell Orchestre and Miracle Fortress
[The Luyas]

Dum Dum Girls ‘Lord Knows’
Although steeped in the pop classicism of 60s girl groups and early punk, each Dum Dum Girls release has been a step forward. This is the first track to surface from the forthcoming End of Daze EP, produced by The Raveonettes Sune Rose Wagner
[Dum Dum Girls]

Chris Cohen ‘Optimist High’
‘Caller No.99’ was featured back in ITP #12, here’s another track of slightly whimsical psych pop from the sometime Deerhoof multi-instrumentalist and serial indie-collaborator.

[Chris Cohen]

Seapony ‘Prove to Me’
Jangling indie-pop from the Pacific Northwest types who were featured back in June (ITP #10)with ‘What You Wanted’.

Bleeding Rainbow ‘Pink Ruff’
Noisy, female-fronted garage pop from Philadelphia.

[Bleeding Rainbow]

Bob Mould ‘The Descent’
Blistering new song from the former Husker Du and Sugar hardcore legend. This could easily have been on Sugar’s 20 year-old recently re-issued debut Copper Blue.

[Bob Mould]

Swearin’ ‘Hear to Hear’
Ridiculoulsy catchy, melodic alt rock in a Built to Spill / Superchunk / early-Lemonheads kind way.

The Deadly Syndrome ‘Whatever Comes Our Way’
From the Los Angeles band’s forthcoming third album All In.
[The Deadly Syndrome]

Paul Banks ‘The Base’
A track better than anything on the last two Interpol albums or on his ‘Julian Plenti’ solo debut.

[Paul Banks]

The xx ‘Chained’
Second track to appear from the band’s forthcomning second album Coexist.
[The xx]

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