ITP 2014: Now on Spotify

As we hit the halfway point of 2014 we’ve hit a dry patch in what has so far been a great year for new music. Time to take a short breather from the cloudcasts (regular service will resume later in July). For now here’s a new In The Pharmacy Spotify Playlist featuring all the available tracks from the first six months of the year, which means all the ITP goodness will sound great on your mobile devices too.

I’ll continue to add new tracks as and when they become available, so don’t forget to subscribe using the ‘Follow’ button in Spotify. If you want to get everything first and in regular, fortnightly bite-size chunks, you should stick with Mixcloud as well.

One of the reasons for choosing Mixcloud over Spotify is that I can use advance tracks before they are added to Spotify and some (like the excellent Tacocat tracks from their debut album) are not on Spotify at all. Still, of the 210 tracks featured so far this year, Spotify does have a respectable 176 available.
NB: I use the UK version of Spotify so you may end up seeing fewer, depending on the rights in your country.

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